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Tobacco Shop Skokie, IL

If you’re a tobacco smoker or vaper who’s looking for a way to save money, check out Smokes & Such. Founded in 2009 as an alternative to “Big Tobacco,” our locally-owned-and-operated tobacco shop in Stokie, IL, has an extensive collection of roll-your-own tobacco, glass pipes, e-cigs, and cigars. Featuring only unprocessed, non-chemical, natural tobacco, every product from Smokes & Such is of the highest quality, to provide a superior smoking experience. Stop by our shop today, or call (847) 972-1000 for more information.

That’s How I Roll

Smokes & Such was founded to provide a way for smokers to find quality tobacco without the high taxes that are added at conventional shops. By focusing on “roll-your-own” cigarettes, we can provide a tobacco product that is light years ahead of the mass-produced alternatives and costs significantly less. What’s more, all our tobacco is natural, unprocessed, and chemical-free, providing a smoother and less toxic smoking experience.

If you’re a frequent smoker and have yet to try rolling your own cigarettes, then you are missing out! Once you try one of our six distinct tobacco flavors we know you won’t go back. Our rolling machines offer a variety of tubes in king size and 100’s for your convenience. By utilizing our roll-your-own machines, you can spend as little as $20 on a carton of cigarettes!

We now carry craft sodas and beverages, featuring popular flavors from brands such as Joe's Tea Co., Crush, Capone Root Beer, and Route 66!

Glass, e-Cigs, and Cigars

Smokes & Such also has a great selection of glass pipes, glass and acrylic water pipes, and accessories like grinders, scales, and pipe cleaners. We partner with local and regional artists to provide you with one-of-a-kind, hand-blown pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

Vapers will find all they need to stock up on their favorite juices, JUUL pods, and more in our carefully curated selection of vaporizer supplies. Whether you’re new to the e-cig world, are looking to control your nicotine intake, or are hunting the biggest clouds, we have something for everyone.

Our tobacco shop also has a collection of fine cigars for those with a more discerning taste. Explore our walk-in humidor and find your favorites, or take an adventure into something new!

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If you’re looking for top quality tobacco and great savings, you’ve come to the right place. Stop by Smokes & Such, located at 3439 W Dempster St in Skokie, IL, or call (847) 972-1000 for more information. Discover how great self-rolled cigarettes can be, and how much they can save you monthly!

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